5 Tech Mega trends 2017 & Hotels

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 1. Service starts from the website

More than 50 % of searches are on a mobile

91% of FB usage (daily active users) is on mobile

80% of FB advertising revenue is on mobile

90% of mobile media time is spent on apps

Many hotels are still let down by their mobile adaptation and as a result, frustrated potential guests move to the next site. This is especially crucial if the brand is unknown – a boutique hotel for example where the potential guest immediately makes assumptions about the hotel stay from the website and if the website looks terrible (because the adaptation is failing) then what does that say about the hotel?

2. Messages speak louder than words!

Huge surge in messaging apps with those ahead leveraging this phenomenon.

A number of applications are now combining messages from multiple sources including FB and Twitter.

Google Assistant technology was announced this year is likely to therefore make this mainstream.

Hotels cannot afford to lag behind on this technology.

3. Cloud 9 service – Marketing Clouds including Automation and Programmatic

The main objective of the marketing cloud is to have controlled contact between the brand and the customer throughout the customer lifecycle.

A ‘360 degree’ view of the guest across the hotel chain is now achievable and therefore may very well be expected in future (Guests would have to “subscribe” to this or there may be legal consequences).

4. Get through the clutter

Artificial Intelligence including predictive analytics

Algorithm rather than human-defined rules are becoming more and more accurate for example apps such as Moovly can now predict who will pay to subscribe within 24 hours with 82% accuracy.

This intelligence when leveraged will mean more targeted online marketing for hotels and less clutter… what you say will REALLY count (so be careful!) source: smart insight

5. Content and ROI

Content is the fuel for all online marketing channels.

In a research done by Hubspot 40% of businesses have now a content marketing strategy with ROI stipulated and all businesses expect this to be a top priority in 2017.

Content marketing strategies are often ignored in hotels. Social media posts and other online language is carried out on a whim with no plan or coordination across the brand.

ROI measurement for content marketing is now becoming a pressing issue and is only addressed through a well-formed content strategy.